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Muigai wa Muigai

ddbe5dafa225982194afeb096c730045“My only life goals are to see the sun often, and drink my coffee black while it’s out. And then to make love under the stars. My happiness is not material. I can’t get it or achieve it, and it’s not exclusive to me. My writing is how I pass the time, and it’s part of how I connect on a deeper level with people. My words will live on long after I’m gone, because the Internet is for fucking ever. I suppose this is how I will achieve my own trite version of immortality”

The first person to ever tell me my writing wasn’t any good — aside from angry Internet comments — was someone very, very close to me. And it cut pretty deep. So I stopped writing, because the idea of doing something that actively turned off someone so close to me is a fate worse than a thousand lashes. That…

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sometimes the monster comes back, and it sucks… struggle, battling with depression I am not looking for sympathy from anyone nor do I want anyone to pity me. I write this for anyone who cares to understand the struggles that some people have to go through every day. For those of you suffering from your mental health disorders, remember that you are … Continue reading sometimes the monster comes back, and it sucks…

Girl in the mirror…

Siboe writes


I stand in front of the mirror

And I am pretty sure this time,

It’s not to fix her makeup or admire her undeniable beauty…

I am so angry, I can’t even hide it.

It’s written all over my face

My eyes are filled with detest as I look at her

To think of all the things I could have been,

Had it not been for her

Her tongue was too sweet no lie,

She lied and I believed

Like a Jezebel, she led me right to my destruction,

Caressed by the sweetness of her words,

I followed her blindly and plunged right into my doom.

She seduced me and had me eating her fibs right from her palm.

And before I knew it,

I was held hostage in a prison I had crafted myself

And she did too good a job convincing me that I would never escape,


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On African Queens…

Made of broken pieces She is proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel She is life itself, wild and free A perfectly put together mess Her soul having fought infinitely many wars to save itself Sometimes she is a flower and sometimes the rain Yes, she is made from all … Continue reading On African Queens…

ADVENT OF WOMEN WRITERS IN AFRICA by Varaidzo Mutswiri( August 2018 blog special)


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Just like any known field of work, there is a spring of females who are beginning to ascend to heights previously unimagined. The writing industry is no different; with many women breaking the “glass ceiling” and embracing the advent of opportunities, stories have begun to take a different meaning and tone. Could this be the time when neutral writing comes into play? A change in perspective and a shift in mind set is inevitable, but just like any industry or field, women writers are facing their own plethora of challenges. It is suffice to acknowledge the amount of determination and devotion it takes for women to reach the levels they have reached, and like the South African women used to say during apartheid, “wathindiabafazi, wathingiimbocqodo”.

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It is very easy for society to blame culture and norms, and men for the demise of women writers; but we should note that there…

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VARAIDZO.JPGPOI- Young  , candid  , confident , active  , dynamic , vibrant  and intelligent  is  the  true  definition  of  writer , feminist , young political thought leader and  rising  activist Audrey Varaidzo Mustviri  who has so far introduced  her ideas , energy , thoughts and greatness to the world through her writings , blogs , activism and  political  essays .Varaidzo  is a  young  Zimbabwean  studying  in Ghana through  the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship  that was  awarded   to her in 2016 . Mutsviri is  the  Co-founder of  EcoTowels (  ,   a project  meant  to preserve  the  dignity  of  young women and girls  through the  provision of menstrual napkins .  We  all know  that  African young    women and girls  are faced  by  severe  challenges of reproductive  health facilities  ,hence the  founding of ECO-TOWELS . Audrey is a writer, career engineer, human rights activist, rising political analyst and a humanitarian.



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